Dr. Lysianne Beynel

 Post Doctoral Associate at Duke University


I am a post-doctoral associate at Duke University, in the Human Performance Optimization Lab, "Optilab" (https://www.dukeoptilab.org)

under the supervision of Dr. Greg Appelbaum:


I am interested in applying repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), both for cognitive and clinical applications:

By using fMRI-guided rTMS and electric-field modeling, we are aiming at enhancing working memory performance, a critical cognitive ability largely affected with aging. 

I am also investigating the effect of connectivity-based rTMS and state-dependency on amygdala activation. If successful, this project will pave the way for a large-scale study to treat patients with post traumatic disorders.

As the coordinator of the Brain Stimulation Research Center (https://psychiatry.duke.edu/brain-stimulation-research-center) Workshop, I am organizing monthly meetings to develop our knowledge about brain stimulation by discussing the projects running at the BSRC and the latest research published in the field.

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